At Eme we believe that strength is in the narrative.
We want to tell you stories and give meaning to each garment.
We see ourselves as the tellers of a great story, and as such, we feel the need to grow our legacy.

We want to make sure we're documenting the evolution of our heritage, so we act like we're writing one big library of all our creations.

That's why we treat each season as a book, and each collection as a chapter. Someday, we will be able to look back and "read" everything we have achieved.

Our main objective is that you, as a consumer, understand every detail of our pieces. We want you to be able to see every detail, understand what it means to us and then give you the opportunity to give it the meaning it conveys to you. We want to entertain, break social norms, but it's not that we're criminals, we just see things differently.

We see the creative process itself as the main source of inspiration, and we believe that fashion is also art. Our love for other disciplines of art feeds our hunger to continue developing collections. The beauty of art is the ability it gives the viewer to interpret each piece in their own way, each detail tells a story, each seam is there for a reason, each and every detail serves a purpose. What we want is for you to understand and appreciate it.

This is our way of telling our story. Judge a book by its cover.

As for the group, which we assume is what interests you the most, we are 5 friends who have met by chance. Friends of friends who understand each other. You start talking about something and you notice the connection. We have all had a taste for fashion since we were little and we value the same. There are few people who have this specific taste and as soon as you find one you notice it... We get together to play designing clothes. Life has given us one of the most beautiful gifts it can give you, living from our hobby. Although sometimes it is stressful and a roller coaster... the positive clearly wins over the negative. We don't know if this will end one day (for our part we don't want it to happen) but we want you to be clear that if you are part of the family, we will give 100% to take care of you.